A warning about “anointing prayer oils” and witchcraft

Hello, friends in Christ Jesus! I pray everyone reading this message receives a strong presence of The Holy Spirit that will stay with them, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Back in November, my husband had purchased a set of “anointing prayer oils” from a company called ABBA during a visit to the Museum Of The Bible in Washington, DC. I loved the scents and thought the biblical significance and history behind each specific scent was so nifty. I liked that the sources for their ingredients were based in Jerusalem.

I will start out by saying that I do not believe this company, ABBA, is attempting to purposely deceive anyone spiritually, but I do think they want to make money. They have written up a theological teaching on anointing oils on their site to help sell their product.

The problem with the concept of these oils, and the way they are marketed to be used, is that the practice of using specific resins, spices and herbs to achieve a specific outcome or to supplement our prayers is witchcraft.

Anointing oils used in magick/witchcraft

Protection, Prosperity and Purification oils used in magick and witchcraft

Based on James 5:14, yes, I do believe anointing with oil is biblical. The problem lies in the format, manufacture and meaning behind these anointing oils. In Wicca, fragrant and herbal oil mixtures are used during prayers, spells and rituals. Anointing with oil in the Bible was normally done with simple olive oil, and it was only symbolic. Here is some information on anointing spices in the Bible.

The oils received in this set had their biblical purposes imprinted on the front of the vials. Hyssop, for example, is associated with “purification and empowerment” based on Psalm 51:7.

ABBA’s “Covenant Oil” (a mixture of Frankincense & Myrrh, Spikenard and Hyssop) is supposed to represent the “marriage covenant” – but the vial reads “Spirit of Prophecy”. Reading that, one would think that this specific blend would aid them in receiving the gift of Prophecy or in giving a prophetic word during prayer.

My husband and I began to use these during our prayers for the purposes listed on the vials. (Blessings, Strength, Protection and Healing being some of them) not realizing we had almost been deceived into practicing witchcraft.

ABBA is not the only company to sell oils such as these, there are others. Christian and Jewish gift shops carry them mostly. These are fine to use as fragrance oils to freshen up with, but I do not recommend using these during prayer.

Biblical “anointing prayer oil” set from ABBA
A “magical oil” set from 13 Moons